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Done With Bullying

Do you know what to do when someone else is being bullied? In class you will learn the four rules on how to be an upstander not a bystsnder! Do you know how you should deal with bullying? As a student you will learn and practice the ways to deal with a bully by using "The Five Rules of Personal Safety."

We teach:

  • What bullying is?
  • Why do people do it?
  • Why it is bad to bully others?
  • What we should and shouldn't do when we see others being bullied?

Sky Centers Martial Arts

Leadership Training

Participants are nominated by their instructors and peers. To qualify for entry into this program you must posess self control, respect for yourself and others and as the will and want to help other succeed. When students develop skills to help others succeed they learn more about and improve themselves. The benefit that students receive back as leaders far surpasses the course length.  They are life lessons and habitiual character skills that are applied to everday life.

Leadership training consists of two levels of training. After successfully passing Level 1 leadership all graduates qualify to enter into level 2 leadership course. This includes developing advanced leadership and instructing skill sets.

Sky Centers Martial Arts

Special Abilities

Sky Centers is proud to offer on-site and off-site classes designed for people of all ages with special needs.

Master Sky and Sensei Mike Jannssen have had great success with people of all ages and types of special needs participating and benefiting from our unique adaptive class structures. To learn more about how our programs can benefit you and your specific needs, please give us a call at 630-629-2790.

Sky Centers Martial Arts

Women's Self-Defense

Feel empowered...join our women's self-defense seminars! Learn some real deal techniques that could possibly save your life. No experience necessary, guests are encouraged.

Call us to schedule your personal or group session.