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Sky Centers is Done with Bullying!

Sky Centers offers "Done with Bullying" workshops and mat chats during normally scheduled classes. We deal specifically with how and why we are committed to ending bullying.


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Done With Bullying

Learn the Anti Bully Pledge and earn a Sky Centers
"Done With Bullying" wristband!

Simply, come to Sky Centers and recite the pledge to a staff member and we will give you a free "Done With Bullying" wristband to show everyone your commitment as an upstander. Help us put an end to bullying!

Anti Bully Pledge

I believe everyone has the right to feel safe.
I will commit to standing strong against bullying.
I will treat others with respect and kindness.
I have the compassion to not be a bully, and the courage to not be a bystander.
It is my responsibility to help others who are being bullied, and report when I see it, or it happens to me.
There is always something I can do.
I will not stand by, I will stand up.

We teach:

  • What bullying is?
  • Why do people do it?
  • Why it is bad to bully others?
  • What we should and shouldn't do when we see others being bullied?

Do you know what to do when someone else is being bullied? In class you will learn the four rules on how to be an upstander not a bystsnder! Do you know how you should deal with bullying? As a student you will learn and practice the ways to deal with a bully by using "The Five Rules of Personal Safety."

They are:

  • Use your mind
  • Use your words
  • Use your legs
  • Ask for help
  • Defend Yourself

Do you know when to use your Personal Safety Rules? Once you learn the five rules of personal safety you will practice them using the "Three Times Rule." To find out more about the "Three Times Rule," contact us at Sky Centers and we will be glad to assist you. Finally, you will develop the confidence and skills through role-playing and practice on how to become a buddy. Buddying is done by practicing acts of kindness. 

You will learn key ways to become a buddy, such as:

  • You can ... ask someone who is sitting alone to join you at lunch
  • You can ... surprise someone with a small gift just because
  • You can ... hold the door open for a classmate
  • You can ... help your teacher keep the class clean
  • You can ... help someone with their homeworkIf we all work together we can put a stop to bullying once and for all.

True warriors are NOT bullies, they are Upstanders. Real heroes are NOT bullies, they are Upstanders. Martial arts masters and NOT bullies, they are Upstanders. Great leaders are NOT bullies, they are Upstanders. Don’t EVER mistake kindness for weakness. You have to be strong to choose to be kind.

Let’s all team up to stop bullying. Learn these steps:

  • Be Aware (Look out for bullies)
  • Be Brave (Stand up for others when you can)
  • Be Confident (Stand tall and assert yourself)
  • Be Diligent (Never stop doing the right thing)
  • Be Empathetic (Be mindful of other people’s feelings)
  • Be a friend (It is always better to have friends than enemies)


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